Chatterie Dee-Lo Cattery


Breeder of Sphynx cats and kittens



To create my cattery, I have joined the Chats Canada Cats (CCC), I will also be taking seminars and courses over the few months to make sure that my cattery and cats have the best care and environment for them.


Timeline so far:


April 2016 -               Joined Chats Canada Cats 

May 2016 -                Attended course from mating to weining - CCC

May 2016                   Attended CCA-AFC show in Laval

July 2016 -                 Joined the CFLL (Club Feline Laurentides Lanaudiere)

July 2016 -                 Helped a breeder friend by taking care of 3 sphynx kittens with the mom at my house

August 2016 -            Applied for CCC Ring clerk program (accepted)

August 2016 -            Helped a breeder friend by taking care of 3 Cornish rex kittens with the mom at my                                                house

September 2016 -     Worked (assistant ring clerk) at our CCC cat show

November 2016 -      Attended course administration of a cattery - CCC

November 2016 -      Attended course infectious diseases and parasites - CCC

January 2017 -            First litter born

March 2017 -              Elected as Vice-President of the CFLL (Club Feline Laurentides Lanaudiere)

April 2017 -                 Worked as ring clerk in training at the CFC cat show in Quebec City for 2 International                                         judges from France (LOOF) and the United States (CFF)

April 2017 -                 Attended course Cat Color genetics - Level 1

June 2017 -                 Entry Clerk, Show Clerk, Organizing committee and exhibitor, CCC cat show Joliette

June 2017 -                 Nora of Dee-Lo annual HCM Scan 3 years HCM Negative

June 2017 -                 Anima Québec visit for certification

August 2017 -            Chatterie Dee-Lo Cattery is now ANIMA-Québec Genetic Plus Certified

September 2017 -     Dee-Lo Ariel named Best Kitten of Sunday show 

December 2017 -      We say hello to our new male RZ Starz Stitch of Dee-Lo

January 2018 -           Dee-Lo Ariel HCM Scan Negative

March 2018 -             Re-certified Anima Québec Genetic Plus                                       


                                        To come in 2017 St-Lin Cat Show


About US

Do you see those background pictures of my first Sphynx? His name was Dee-Lo. All of this is do to this little guy!!! 


Dee-Lo was already a miracle kitten as his mom had a hard time birthing and couldn't milk the babies. Luckily, the breeder had another queen who was nursing her litter and allowed him and his sister to milk from her.


Dee-Lo was the most special addition to the animal family here. He had loving from 3 dogs and a mean tabby cat not to mention us as well his human Sphynx slaves.


Sadly, Dee-lo passed away exactly 1 month before his 4th birthday due to HCM. This was very hard on me. Due to this, all my cats will be tested for HCM as well as all other important tests prior to breeding and scanned yearly for HCM from a Veterinary Board Certified Cardiologist.


My cats are brought up in my home and have the freedom to go where they please.


When my queens are nursing, they are kept separate in the house so that they can focus on their kittens. Even when in the Maternity, all my cats and kittens receive the attention and affection they require daily (multiple times a day).


Part of my breeding program also includes donating blood samples to a university currently trying a genetic test for HCM.


I have always loved all animals. When I was a teenager, I also volunteered at the Montreal S.P.C.A and in the pet therapy department at the Douglass hospital. Caring for Cats and Dogs has been a family tradition.


Our Promise

AnimaQuebec 2018 cert
admin cert
Genitics 1

Our Partners


  • All Queens and Studs are Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) scanned every 12 to 18 months by a board certified Veterinary Cardiologist  

  • Parents are tested for Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS) via DNA testing

  • Pure bred Sphynx as both parents are registered and have 3 generations Pedigree's to prove they are pure bred

  • Registered with the CCC

  • Fully Vaccinated (up to 1 year)

  • De-Wormed

  • Your kitten is guaranteed for 2 years in regards to congenital and hereditary diseases

  • A 14-day guarantee against all harmful contagious or parasitic diseases

  • Micro-chipped with pet home today which covers all of North America in case of being lost or stolen

  • Your kitten is fully socialized and physically ready as they leave our home at 16 weeks old

  • Sterilized prior to leaving with our vets and surgery is done with laser to minimize pain and inflammation

  • FIV / FeLV negative as both parents were tested prior to mating

  • We preform digestive PCR control tests a minimum of 2 times a year

  • 6 weeks of free pet insurance

  • Leaving package containing (a bag of food, booklet on caring for your new kitten and a coupon booklet)

  • Personalized Chatterie Dee-Lo Cattery blanket

  • Nail cutter

  • Lifetime Breeder support


Breeder is in the training program to become a CCC show judge therefore has a good understanding of the Standards for the Sphynx breed and cats in general